John Davies' Pinocchio

March - 2020

As part of our Educational Outreach Program at Muddy River Opera Company, each year we produce a Children's Opera for our community's school-aged children. The cast of the Children's Opera consists of students from local colleges, giving them the opportunity to practice their art in front of an audience while having a little fun.

This year's Children's Opera is Pinocchio, as adapted by John Davies. Pinocchio’s colorful characters lend themselves to opera, and the message that truth-telling is always the best choice is certainly worth conveying. Stepping into a new and unknown world, Pinocchio is deceived by Wolf and Cat and persuaded to disobey his father by skipping school in order to meet Dr. Dulcamara, a loathsome puppeteer. Realizing the puppet’s value, Dulcamara holds Pinocchio captive, intending to have him perform with his miraculous mechanical doll, Olympia. Puppet and doll become friends, and when Dulcamara breaks Olympia in a fit of rage, Pinocchio runs home to admit his disobedience and ask his father’s forgiveness. Accompanied by a policeman, Pinocchio and his dad lead the authorities to Wolf, Cat and Dulcamara, and the bad guys are run out of town. As Pinocchio resolves to always tell the truth and share his problems with trusted grownups, he and his father head home to repair Olympia and begin life anew as a family of three.

Appropriate Ages: Pre-Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Duration: ~40 Minutes

Cost: Free to the Public

Donations Are Appreciated

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